Thank you for coming. I am hoping to get you really excited about brand marketing.

In my view, a brand enables companies achieve their business objectives. Brand marketing is an utterly inspiring world of its own, and my mission is to innovate and provide guidance.

I believe it all begins with the client: their needs and desires. I help companies utilise client data. Product and service conceptualisation, commercialisation of ideas, brand definition and development of operations based on understanding is not only financially prudent, it is the most logical approach as well. Failure to recognise client data and the brand as key sources of competitive edge would be a waste of resources.

A strong brand is always built from within. Instead of providing simple answers, I aim to guide and inspire people to arrive at solutions themselves. This, in turn, helps develop the company’s internal brand marketing skills. One of the ways I elicit creativity and collaboration within companies is through the production of community art and creativity training.

I am continuously seeking ways of adopting smarter, more creative and more humane ways of doing things in all areas of life. I will help tailor the collaboration according to your needs and provide motivation along the road to your business objectives.

I am happy to provide additional information on how I can help you and your company. Feel free to call or message me!

With sunny regards

Your brand marketing coach
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Consultation & Guidance

Brand marketing consultation and team guidance

Consultation and guidance plan is always tailored on a case-by-case basis. All services are suitable for both domestic and international markets. Collaboration is based on a clearly defined, but creative approach. By having your team brainstorm for solutions independently, they will learn new models and methods simultaneously. This approach produces logical conclusions that reflect reality and elicit commitment.


Training & Coaching

Gaining understanding of brand marketing through your own actions

The content of training and coaching depends on the needs of the audience, but the shared objective should always be insightful and shared learning through your own actions. The training can involve other themes as well, such as creativity, tools for cultivate brainstorming and collaboration skills or understanding of the meaning and characters of colours.


Art & Creativity

Community art and creativity training for companies

All companies need creativity, the ability to innovate and collaboration skills. Community art brings together and activates people. It is an inspiring tool, for example, for implementing company values, realising a new brand promise or inspiring change in a common space. Creativity workshops inspire individual creativity while seeking ways of improving innovation and brainstorming within teams.