Community art and creativity training for companies

All companies need creativity, the ability to innovate and collaboration skills. Community art brings together and activates people. It is an inspiring tool, for example, for implementing company values, realising a new brand promise or inspiring change in a common space. Creativity workshops inspire individual creativity while seeking ways of improving innovation and brainstorming within teams. Community art and creativity workshops can be used to invigorate both brand marketing consultation processes and brand training.

Community art and creativity workshops

  • support implementation
  • activate and elicit participation
  • improve group dynamics
  • produce ideas
  • cultivate creativity
  • help understand the significance of visuality


”By sitting and staring at the papers will not generate new ways of solving problems.
Artistic thinking is very close to the creative thinking and ingenuity. Unexpected experience will certainly nurture creative thinking and problem solution.”

Notes Professor Eeva Anttila in Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat 01/15/2016

Examples of community art services

Creating art together – transforming space through art

Colour as an Experience – painting workshop

Location-related art project

Group painting

This approach involves taking concrete measures for transforming a common space. The essence of community art is the interaction between the artist and the community. Community members collaborate with the artist in brainstorming, designing and implementing change in the common space. The end result could be, for example, interior design solutions involving an artistic approach, pieces of art that transform the space temporarily, or a shared, documented art project. This shared art project is an effective method for implementing a brand promise or visualising the vision and core values of the company.

Colour as an experience event is a guided process, where the team gets to create and experience colours under the guidance of an artist. The objective is to achieve understanding of the meaning, interaction and character of colours through interaction and observation.

An art project is a process with an extended timeframe for producing a piece of art, or several pieces of art, for a public space pursuant to the client’s needs. The location is a vital part of the artwork, serving as the subject of the piece. A location-related art project involves collecting information, ideas or memories from the company or the community. Documenting the elicited information and various stages of the project is an essential part of the final piece of art. The community can also be involved in producing content for the artwork. The project is implemented through projects, events or workshops.

A team plans and agrees upon the implementation of an artwork with an artist. The final piece of art is compiled through individual or group work. Instead of artistic accomplishments, the main focus of this approach lies in teamwork and interaction within the community. This type of an event helps create team spirit for working community training, occupational health and welfare events or recreational events. Painting together is an innovative method of introducing new teams or colleagues to each other. A community artwork is an inspiring showcase for various client and interest group events, openings and anniversaries.

Community art services are carried out in collaboration with painter Majbritt Huovila who specialises in community art. Additional information:

Examples of creativity training

Creativity is an essential, everyday resource that influences conception, innovation and well-being. Creativity workshops aim at removing obstacles standing in the way of creativity and fully utilising creative potential. Colours and images are key tools for improving occupational well-being and collaboration. In addition to receiving an information package, each participant gets to create through painting and drawing. The objective is not to create art, but to learn, gain insight and experience. No previous experience in drawing is required.
Krista Launonen
Krista Launonen Paljastavat värit hoitavat kuvat

Creativity workshops are carried out in collaboration with artist, art therapist and non-fiction author Krista Launonen. Further information:

Krista Launonen