Creativity, humaneness and business thinking as tools of creation

My curiosity is always aroused by new things. This is why, in addition to my main occupation, I am engaged in various other endeavours that bring together creativity, humaneness and business thinking. While every idea does not always pan out, there are always some that do. But no idea is ever wasted.

Through the guidance of art professionals, every one of us is able to gain new insight and experiences for the body and the mind. Just one workshop over a weekend or even for a day can help bring out that creativity in you. Community art allows people to participate, for example, in creating a community artwork and improving the quality of their living environment. Luovaplaneetta aims at bringing together artists and people who are interested in experiencing creativity. The only thing left to determine is where, how and when. The website is currently under conceptualisation.

Why services and accessories aimed at senior citizens are grey, ugly and boring? Somewhat slower senses and motor skills should not be addressed with clumsy products. The financial aspects, including government subsidies, are only part of the story. There are many things that could be done in a better, more beautiful and user-friendly way with the same amount of effort. There is plenty of room for improvement in terms of service concepts and models. We shall see what future brings. The website is currently under conceptualisation.