Gaining understanding of brand marketing
through your own actions

The content of training and coaching depends on the needs of the audience, but the shared objective should always be insightful and shared learning through your own actions. The training can involve other themes as well, such as creativity, group dynamics or understanding of the meaning and characters of colours. Community art and creativity workshops are inspiring tools for cultivate creativity, brainstorming and collaboration skills.

Brand marketing training and coaching

  • helps you gain a deeper understanding of brand marketing principles
  • advances your professionalism and ability to find answers independently
  • provides practical tools for brand building
  • streamlines brand tools used in the company
  • help the company see how a brand and client-oriented approach can contribute to marketing planning, production, financial administration, development operations, staff management and customer service

More extensive strategic marketing training

  • enhances the company’s strategic marketing expertise
  • streamlines strategic marketing design models

Examples of training and coaching services

Company-focused training in branding and formulating action plans

Behind every successful branding project is a thorough understanding of why the brand was built in the first place, and awareness of how customer orientation and the brand philosophy affect company activities. Customised brand training covers the theory and the drawing up of practical action models, and addresses company-specific issues.

Brand building in stages

The training focuses on the effects of branding on the company, and the theory and practice of segmentation and positioning strategies. The exercises are geared towards company-specific issues. Elements of branding strategy and brand management are explored in specific company contexts. Various research methods are covered. Work-group exercises may also focus on practical issues raised by the company.

Training in strategic marketing

A company or a brand without a strategic marketing plan is like a rudderless ship. Our tailor-made marketing training covers the theory and the practice. The exercises are based on the company’s own examples. Net-based tutoring facilitates the design of individual marketing plans. The strategic-marketing training programme is suitable for companies wishing to standardise their marketing action plans on the international level, for instance. The training is in English.

Branding theory for students

University students and those in further or continuing education gain theoretical insights into brand marketing in practice-oriented workshops.